Security Policy

1. Fundamental Principles
In this organization, we handle personal details received from customers, as well as other information assets. In order to maintain the trust of our customers, we must implement the necessary and appropriate security and management procedures to protect these information assets, as is our duty. To make this possible, we must give due consideration to our security responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of various laws and regulations, set security goals, and implement activities related to information security.

2. Fundamental Information Security Policy
(1) Set up an Information Security Committee, and while taking the optimum measures for promoting security, plan and promote new security activities.
(2) Executives and all employees must always act in accordance with our organization's security regulations. While always striving to avoid any incidents related to our information assets, in the case of an incident occurring, they must quickly take the appropriate measures to both solve the problem and prevent any reoccurences.
(3) Employees will receive continuing training and development related to information security.
(4) With changes in the content of our business, or our organizational or technical practices, this fundamental information security policy will be regularly revised for continuing improvements in our information security regulations.
(5) In order to properly carry out this fundamental information security policy, we will continue to do out our duties as managers and support and maintain it.

2012/06/01 CEO Masaru Tange