My mission is to create a ”New Industry”Founder & CEO Masaru Tange

Governments collect taxes from the people and channel funds to public welfare.
It is called "Redistribution of wealth".
On the other hand, I think there's also another side to this social structure. That is companies make profits and contribute to the society in the form of taxes, and also create business and services to satisfy the basic needs of society. To do so, it's necessary to assemble best brains and convert their knowledge into a kind of service that satisfies the humanity.

I believe that the talent a person is born with, shapes his or her ability to a great extent. In fact the reality is, not everyone is a born genius. In order to compensate the imbalance, I believe people who are innately talented should work ten times or a hundred times harder for our society. Their talent is not theirs alone but belongs to everybody.

At SHIFT, we bring such kind of talented persons together for making our contribution valuable to the world. This is what I call the "Redistribution of knowledge" and it is a trait of SHIFT. Japanese people in the era of rapid economic growth had pursued how things were made effectively, I call this period as the "How" era.

I think Japan, in the future, needs to give importance to 'What' - What we create, instead of How we create. And, I founded SHIFT with the idea that we can shift from a set of values that emphasized on Production and GDP to a new set of values where people can live a more desirable lifestyle.