Business Overview

【SHIFT's Service】SHIFT's software testing is always evolving based on cutting-edge research which makes us proud.

SHIFT's Solution

CAT (Test Design, Test Progress Management, Fault Management)
CAT is an integrated environment that supports the implementation of fast, reliable, and easy-to-manage testing.
CAT enables you to conduct simple and centralized management of quality control for multiple sites through networks.
CI (Jenkins)
We have the highest level of outsourcing service for Agile development such as GUI automatic testing using Jenkins and Selenium Web Driver.
Test Design
Using TD (Test Design) to conduct test design; taking into consideration of usability for the next project, our seasoned test engineers provide solid support to test design such as building standard confirmation items.
Test Run
Using TCM (Test Cycle Management) to share and manage progress in real time; in addition, customers may choose onsite or off-site implementation in accordance with the environment.
Non-Functional Testing (Load Test, Security Test)
We provide stress test to confirm whether a system is working properly even in high load condition. In addition, we also provide testing and more detailed testing for general security tests with standard confirmation items.
We help companies that are going to expand their business in Japan. We clarified the goals of their expansion by discussing with clients, make a business plans, conduct them, enactment, and following for the actions necessary to achieve these goals.

SHIFT's Testing Service with Clouddsourcing

"MinTest" is an Website where people report bugs of social games and applications. The game makers expect people to notify them bugs and some ideas about the products. Let's join us to make the future masterpiece games by reporting the bugs and the ideas of the products before they are released. You will get the items or some benefit of the games or the applications for the reported bugs or ideas. There are a lot of special weapons and protectors to raise character's ability. You can easily get items which are usually hard to acquire. You might find super rare items! Everyone, are you ready?

Our Business Area

EPR/Groupware Accounting
E-Commerce Smart Phone
Finance (StockExchange/Insurance) Medical/Nursing
Aerospace Manufacturing/Retaile
Real Estate Security Server

Other services

Scentee Inc. is the first company in Japan creating a new industry based on the science of "smell".
- Planning and manufacture of electrical and electronics goods
- Planning, creation and sales of software
- Planning, manufacture and sales of hardware; manufacture, sales, wholesale, import / export of related goods